Lack of Motivation

Today has been one of those days when I've been totally unmotivated. I've felt good overall though. Lots of stiffness in my hip and leg though. :(  I did get some things done though around the house and I stayed home all day. It actually rained for a while here. That was a nice change! Here it is already fall and it's been really warm, almost hot still. I'll be glad when the temps are mild and the leaves have changed more. I live in such a beautiful area. I'm truly blessed.
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Should I Be Perky?

I was reading today in an online article about Mabon, the pagan sabbat this coming up. The article mentioned that this time of year people often feel restless or as though something is a little off. Well, that sums it up for me. I've been feeling these exact feelings lately.  In the evenings especially, I've told W that I feel so restless or I feel something that I cannot pin point. I'm glad I read this article and it sort of helped me understand this is not uncommon.

I've also had the urge to do some cleaning like spring cleaning. It's like I don't know where to begin though. Anyone reading this ever feel that way?  I will have to start somewhere though. Just where?

Welcome to Me

So here's my first post. I've been in the middle of a debate with myself on whether to have surgery or not. I believe my decision is finally made and I have my surgery date. I'm getting really excited over this now and the changes it will make in my life. I've been very stressed over the whole situation of being indecisive. Now that the indecisiveness is behind me, I am relieved and ready to move forward.

So today has been a wonderful day and my son is here with me today. Of course, he's busy with video games as usual, but just knowing that he is here makes me feel better. He's growing up so quick that I can hardly keep up with his clothes sizes. I might as well get used to it.

Time to go get something productive done off of the computer.
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